What does transparency mean at STEMJUICE?

In the new era of e-cigarettes, it’s hard to know what you are risking when you use a vape. Some companies don’t test their e-liquids or publish their formulas, leaving you unwittingly inhaling massive amounts of toxins.

Why it matters

In fact, many e-cigarette companies use the chemical syrup Propylene Glycol within their juices, which reacts to produce formaldehyde in very significant concentrations. Furthermore, their e-juices contain toxic chemicals such as aldehyde, diacetyl, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide. These toxins can be incredibly harmful to your health; for example, the inhalation of diacetyl contained can cause Obliterative Bronchiolitis.

This all comes as a surprise to consumers that assumed all e-juices are comparable, because many manufacturers don’t disclose what’s inside your e-juice. Oftentimes, they do this so their flavors cannot be copied— but in doing so, they leave you at risk in the process.


At STEMJUICE, we are committed to full disclosure. That means that all of our customers (that includes you!) are informed of the ingredients that go into our vapes. We care about our customers and the quality of our vapes, and we go above and beyond to ensure you a clean experience. Our team has dedicated years to conducting clinical trials, eliminating any toxic and harmful chemicals within our formulas to create a clean and natural experience.

STEMJUICE - Premium e-liquid, natural & clean vaping

Research & Testing

We dedicated years of research to remove the harmful substances found within most e-cigarette juices. These include any toxic chemicals and heavy metals that may cause lung damage or other serious health concerns. After that, we bring in our secret ingredient, which is not only naturally found but also safe for use within our scientifically researched and backed e-juice. The secret? We use plant stem cell extracts from fresh green apples grown in Switzerland, providing a natural source for our e-juices. These are not only safe to include in e-juices, but can even improve your lung vitality. This natural ingredient has transformed the vaping experience to one that is natural and clean.

Our e-liquid has undergone tests with the Food and Drug Administration, ensuring its quality and safety. We have begun the PMTA process, so you can be assured that our product is safe for consumption and use. Our culture of full disclosure is what makes our company so unique; we work hard to ensure that our customers are not put at any risk when using our product. STEMJUICE is dedicated to revitalizing your vaping experience, transforming it with natural and scientifically-backed products.

We hired a third-party lab to test all of our products, making sure that we know every single thing that goes into our vapes— so you know every single thing that you’re putting into your body when you use them. In fact, you can see for yourself! Here are the results from lab testing that  show our e-cigarettes do not have any toxic chemicals.

STEMJUICE - FDA-certified lab testing report