Vaping has had a tough time in the news lately and illegal vapes have given the industry a bad rap. As we innovate, we want to clearly show everyone right down to our labels what we do not contain. No propylene glycol, No heavy metals, No aldehydes, No diacetyl and No vitamin e acetate.

Tobacco Mix

Smooth tobacco strikes a delicate balance with refreshing menthol. Enjoy the familiar taste of tobacco with a cool menthol finish.


Get back to basics with this sophisticated tobacco flavor. A classic effortless take on traditional tobacco notes.

Tobacco Blend

Take your tastebuds on a Havana vacation with this delightful tobacco blend. Traditional tobacco gets an island punch with subtle notes of sweet banana and fresh ripe strawberry to brighten up the flavor.


There’s nothing simple about this fresh mentol flavor. Enjoy the unvarnished ease of cooling menthol with a perfect mouth feel.

STEMJUICE is for adult vapers or smokers only, with decreasing concentrations and 0% options.